C-FER Involvement in PCP Systems

C-FER Technologies' structural, mechanical, petroleum and reliability engineers conduct applied research and development, perform full-scale testing and provide engineering consulting to the upstream oil and gas, and pipeline transmission industries, as well as other industries with structural problems.

Testing capabilities include full-scale pressure-bend tests, qualification of casing connections and testing of components in custom designed flow loops. C-FER's facility, located in Edmonton, Canada, houses a world-class structural laboratory.

The Production Technology, and Drilling and Completion Technology Departments work in areas such as artificial lift; downhole processing; equipment design; multiphase flow; surface operations; sand control; casing and connection design and evaluation; casing deformation analysis; downhole tool evaluation; and risk evaluation in upstream operations.The Pipeline Technology Department helps clients with reliability-based design of pipelines, pipeline soil interaction, and risk-based pipeline maintenance programs.

C-FER's clients, based in the Middle East, South America and Eurasia, as well as North America, include most of the world's major oil and gas companies, as well as major natural gas pipeline transmission companies. In addition to working for individual clients, C-FER is well known for organizing, managing and working on Joint Industry Projects (JIPs).

All above material is taken from the C-FER Technologies Progressing Cavity Pumping (PCP) Systems - Design, Operation and Performance Optimization course notes