Below is a list of the most frequently asked PCP Run-Life Improvement JIP questions. If you have any questions, please review the list below. If your question is not listed or you feel the answer is not clear, please contact us by email or through the web form.

Q: Can we consult with other Participants’ experts about our problems?

Yes. Participants are welcome to send emails with their questions to all technical people involved in the project. The stream of emails (original question and subsequent replies) is posted in the Forum page of the Website.

Q: Can C-FER assist our staff in conducting specific analyses of interest to us?

Yes. Quick reviews, and reasonable telephone and email support is provided by C-FER at no additional charge. More in depth analysis may also be provided, for a fee.

Q: What is the difference between PCP RLI and PCP RIFTS?

The name of the joint industry project (JIP) is PCP Run-Life Improvement (PCP-RLI). The area of the project that encompasses the database and data analysis tools that are run through the Website (, is called the PCP Reliability Information and Failure Tracking System (PCP-RIFTS).

Q: How do I get information on joining the PCP RLI JIP?

Please contact us for information on how to join the PCP RLI JIP.

Q: Is the JIP open to New Participants?

Yes, the JIP is open to New Participants at any time. The JIP is run in yearly phases. Each phase runs from approximately May 1 of a given year to April 31 of the next year. New Participants pay an entrance fee in addition to the regular participation fee for the on-going phase. New Participants get a two-day training session for their staff so that they can catch up with the other Participants quickly.