Project Tools

Improving the run life of PCP systems involves a circle of collecting failure and operational data, cleaning and analyzing the data, and then making informed decisions on how to move forward.

  • Data Collection Standards

    The standards developed within the PCP RLI JIP enable Participants to ensure similar failure nomenclature and failure investigations. A standard failure nomenclature and common dataset of influential parameters have been developed.

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  • Data Input Sheet

    The Data Input Sheet is a data collection software tool that helps Participants efficiently transfer data from in-house datasets to the project data tracking system.

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    The PCP RIFTS (Reliability Information and Failure Tracking System) website tool is used to verify data and perform in-depth analyses and benchmarking studies on shared data.

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  • PCP Reliability Course

    The JIP organizes training sessions to ensure that both new and current Participants are familiar with reliability concepts and project analysis tools.

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  • Discussion Forums

    The discussion forums are used to discuss PCP related issues, such as project direction, operating practices, data collection issues, or data analysis results. The project has three discussion forums that encourage and facilitate discussion among Participants; Steering Committee Meetings, Email Discussions, and On-line Forums.

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