Discussion Forums

The discussion forums are used to discuss PCP related issues, such as project direction, operating practices, data collection issues or data analysis results. The project has three discussion forums that encourage and facilitate discussion among Participants.

  • Steering Committee Meetings

    Steering Committee Meetings are typically held every six months to review the progress of the project tasks and steer the project through the collective leadership of the Participants. As well, Participants discuss and share experiences on important issues that are limiting PCP system run-life in their operations.

  • Discussion Emails

    Monthly technical discussion emails are sent by C-FER or by Participants to JIP members to promote group interaction and enable participants to benefit from the collective knowledge of the project members. At the end of each month, the resulting discussion thread is transferred to one of the website online forums.

  • Online Forums

    The project on-line forums, located on the project website, allow Participants to launch on-line technical discussions or continue discussions initiated through emails. The on-line forums can be referenced in the future by members looking to learn more about a particular topic.