The PCP RIFTS (Reliability Information and Failure Tracking System) website provides access to the reliability data made available by Participants. Using the website, users can access a desired set of records using either simple filters or advanced database query logic.

Once the desired set of data records has been retrieved, the following data analysis tools can be used to conduct reliability and statistical analyses, such as Benchmarking Analyses and Drill-Down Analyses.

  • Data Pivot Tables

    The Pivot Table tool allows users to examine the queried data and identify any potential correlations between selected parameters.

  • Run-Life Measures

    The Run-Life Measures tool allows users to calculate one or more Run-Life Measures as a function of calendar time. This tool is important for understanding how PCP system reliability has changed over time.

  • Reliability Functions

    The Reliability Functions tool allows users to plot important reliability functions, such as the Survival Function and the Cumulative Hazard Function, which provide information on the reliability of the PCP systems.

  • Estimated Failure Rates

    The Estimated Failure Rates page allows users to calculate an estimate of the Failure Rates of various PCP Components. This tool can be used to identify a "weak" component that may be reducing the overall reliability of the system.

  • Classification Tree

    The Classification Tree groups fields based on the severity of the operating conditions. This tool can be used to understand what level of reliability should be targeted in new or existing operations.