Training Sessions

The JIP organizes training sessions to ensure that both new and current Participants are familiar with reliability concepts and project analysis tools. Training sessions cover:

  • Project Overview

    The project overview includes a quick history of the project, the value capture for Participants, project standards, and data collection and qualification processes.

  • Reliability and Run-Life Measures

    Reliability theory and run-life measures are introduced, along with examples highlighting important concepts.

  • Nomenclature Standard

    The Nomenclature Standard is covered using examples of situations that highlight common failures and how to select values for important failure parameters.

  • RIFTS Website

    An overview of the RIFTS website is provided, covering the project documents, the discussion forums, the languages options and the analysis features.

  • Reliability Analyses

    A large portion of the training session is dedicated to learning how to perform reliability analysis. Initially, simple exercises are covered and then more advanced Drill-Down-Analyses and Benchmarking analyses are performed.

  • Data Input Sheet (DIS)

    An overview of the DIS is provided, along with hands-on training showing how to upload and update data, perform reliability analyses and generate reports.